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Vegetarian Choices? Discover SVILA Frozen Pizzas that conquer the palate!

If you’ve chosen to embrace a vegetarian lifestyle, you’ve likely found yourself scrutinizing labels and ingredients at the supermarket to ensure your purchases align with your dietary preferences. Understanding the challenge of selecting foods that meet your needs, here at Svila, the italian frozen pizza company, we have tailored a range of products for those who have chosen a 100% vegetarian life.

Being Vegetarian in Italy

Making the transition to a vegetarian diet in a country like Italy, renowned for its rich culinary tradition rooted in animal-derived ingredients, may seem daunting. However, Svila makes this change more manageable by offering a wide variety of vegetarian pizzas while upholding the excellence of Italian cuisine.

Svila Pizzas: The Tasty Solution

The good news is that you can enjoy pizza without compromise, even on a vegetarian diet. Svila Pizzas are crafted exclusively with high-quality ingredients, ensuring both taste and satisfaction. Explore the extensive range of options available, perfect for storage in your freezer.

Discover Your Favorite Pizza

Margherita Svila: From Classic Margherita to Margherita Alta, Sottile, Pala, XL, and XXL, you have numerous choices to satisfy your craving for traditional pizza.

Neapolitan Pizzas: Indulge in tradition with the Verace del Golfo, Capri, and Vesuvio lines, or try the Pinsa Margherita Sfiziosa with the addition of Stracciatella di Burrata.

Pizza alla Pala: If you love Pizza alla Pala, choose from the Quattro Formaggi without tomato, Pesto di Rucola and Verdure Grigliate, Rucola e Pomodorini, Tartufo, and Pala with Funghi options.

Gourmet Round Pizza: For a truly gourmet experience, opt for the Pizza Quattro Stagioni, Gorgonzola e Noci, Vegetariana Sottile, and Quattro Formaggi on a tomato crust.

Healthy Options: If you follow a healthy lifestyle, Svila also offers Margherita Bio, Margherita Integrale, and Margherita without Lactose.

Conclusions: Taste Without Borders

In summary, Svila makes your vegetarian diet anything but dull, providing you with a vast selection of delicious and high-quality pizzas. Remember, Svila Pizza is the frozen pizza that preserves the authentic taste of tradition, even without you realizing it’s frozen! Step into the world of 100% Vegetarian Living with Svila Pizzas – “No Problem.”

“Pizza alla Pala Svila: Italian taste for your evenings with friends”

“Evening with friends…Pizza alla Pala Svila”

Are you a fan of Pizza alla Pala? If you have a lot of friends who suddenly appear, discover Pizza alla Pala Svila, perfect for your convivial evenings. With this Italian frozen pizza, you can delight everyone’s palate effortlessly. Find out more about this delicacy and transform your evenings into tasty and fun moments together with friends.

Characteristics of Pizza alla Pala Svila

Pizza alla Pala Svila is the ideal solution for those who love to share their passion for Pizza alla Pala with friends.
This Italian frozen pizza allows you to cook up to 3 delicious pizzas at the same time, without having to make difficult choices. We also thought about the size of the oven, so you won’t have space problems.
You can conveniently arrange the pizzas on the grill of your home oven, guaranteeing perfect cooking.

Wide Choice of Flavours

If you are a traditionalist, you will find the Margherita, the Mushroom Bianca and the Diavola among your favorite options. If, however, you love experimenting with new flavours, let yourself be tempted by combinations such as Radicchio and Speck, Rocket and Zucchini Pesto or the Pizza alla Pala withTruffle. For those looking for healthier options, there is the Pala Margherita, prepared with wholemeal flour and without lactose.

Perfect for evenings in company, Pizza alla Pala Svila is ideal when you have hungry friends to feed. Enjoy your evenings in company with a pizza that satisfies all palates. With this pizza, you can be sure that your guests will be happy and full.

Instructions for Perfect Cooking

Discover all the flavors of Pizza alla Pala, a frozen pizza that resembles homemade pizza. To obtain perfect cooking with simply perfect crunchiness, remember to remove it from the freezer a few minutes before baking at at least 200°. The result will be a pizza that looks like it just came out of your oven.

Find out more about Pizza alla Pala Svila and make your evenings even tastier and more fun in the company of your friends. Bring authentic Italian taste directly into your kitchen with Pizza alla Pala Svila. Don’t let surprises from friends catch you unprepared, you always have a delicious solution at hand.

Pizza alla pala with Svila mozzarella

The frozen pizza that doesn’t know it’s actually frozen!

Let’s face it, we are Italians. And when it comes to pizza we are very demanding. That’s why Svila pizza is Frozen pizza that doesn’t know it’s actually frozen.

We are about to reveal a secret: frozen is synonymous with fresh!

And if it may seem like a paradox to you, you should know that it is not a paradox at all. Let me explain why I’m telling you so. Science and biotechnologies today allow us to say that frozen food is really synonymous with high quality, and we would like to tell you why this is so true.

Freezing Svila pizzas

First of all, by now we all know that with freezing food reaches a temperature of -18° in a few minutes. The perfect time for none of the organoleptic properties of the ingredients to be altered. Translated in common words, it means that the frozen aubergine will keep the flavor, texture and aroma of the fresh one. Ditto for tomatos, speck, bacon or zucchinis.

So forget the watered-down or spongy vegetables of your worst pizza nightmares!

Then, we know that the freezing process takes place when the pizza is at its most fragrant moment. Imagine the scene: the pizza has just come out from the oven where it was baked on stone. It is still very hot, and is releasing all its scents. The mozzarella (which is real mozzarella) has melted and is  carefully mixed with all the other ingredients.

The base of the pizza, the one that rested on the stone, has become crunchy and has a slightly amber color. The inside, on the other hand, is soft and light. Thanks to the two leavening process, the dough has reached perfection. Immediately afterwards, the pizzas enter the blast chiller for freezing for 30 minutes and inside it, it is as if time stops.

And this is why when you put it in the oven back at your home, you will feel like you have just made it with the recipe handed down from your grandmother!

The tricks for preparing a good frozen pizza at home

Now, here are just a couple of tricks for you to make Svila pizza even better:

  • take it out of the freezer 20 minutes before putting it in the oven.
  • Let’s give it a few minutes to get ready for cooking.
  • Cook it on the oven grill. Directly. Not in the pan.

Let it get airy. The result, we are sure, will reward you in terms of crunchiness!

Pizza surgelata Svila

50 shades of red

Red, Tomato red!

All Italians love tomatoes and even the international literature has produced pages and pages on the wonders related to the love for tomatoes.

The history of Art is full of still lifes with juicy red tomatoes in plain sigh.

The Italian gastronomy then, would not be what it is without their tasty contribution. In fact, they are the protagonists of many recipes based on delicius tomato sauce.

The tomato has conquered a place of honor on the table thanks to its versatility, its ability to enrich food without changing its flavor, and why not, also thanks to its color (because we know that a little red is good in each dish).

We certainly couldn’t hold back when we had to talk about a topic that touches us so closely.

Ingredienti e impasto pizza Svila

Svila frozen pizza and tomato sauce

For us at Svila, the tomato has always had countless variations and we all love tomatoes.

Tomato sauce comes first and foremost. What we use for the topping of our frozen pizzas is never the same. We prepare it in a hundred different recipes, because each pizza has its own dedicated sauce.

Just think about how different a sauce for Pizza Margherita can be from the one cooked for the Pinsa all’Amatriciana. A sauce prepared for the distribution on the Italian market or the one destined to arrive on the tables of our customers in Japan.

And that’s not all!

Pizza alla pala Svila alla diavola

Frozen pizzas with cherry tomatoes

We use cherry tomatoes on the Quattro Stagioni pizza and (obviously) on the Pizza alla Pala Rucola and Pachino. We cut them into cubes and put them fresh on the Capri Pizza, we use the fresh pulp in large pieces on the Posillipo and this detail makes it irresistible! In short, it is now clearer why Italians love tomato sauce? It is appropriate to say that, in our area, “50 shades of red” have never been so good to eat. We invite you to taste all our recipes and savor every nuance present in our frozen pizza variations, until you find out which one is your favorite.
Fair in Cologne with Svila pizza

Oops we did it again

An international food fair, a unique moment to bring pizza to the world!

The fair is the right event to make show the world what we produce. At Svila we have passionate about our work, we do it with commitment, passion and a great desire to always improve. And the love for what we produce pushes us further.

It is not enough for us to stay still in our corner of paradise, we love to share with the whole world a fine Made In Italy, product such as pizza. And we do this by participating to large events, such as international food fairs.

Let’s go to the fair, let’s take italian pizza beyond the Italian border!

After a period of forced absence, finally we start again, we do it in every sense, moving from the place of our production, Visso, to bring our product of excellence, pizza, directly to new places.

This time we landed in Germany, precisely in Cologne!

Food Fairs are important showcases to present a product, to advertise it, to attract new audiences and above all to understand where the wind of our customers’ tastes blows.

This Cologne fair is an amazing opportunity to bring the Italian agri-food sector into contact with different realities. The Italian agri-food sector is a real heritage, a set of culture, traditions and professionalism loved all over the world.

We at Svila never miss the opportunity to enhance it. And for this reason, among the hundreds of stands present at this fair, there was also ours!

Frozen pizza and its unmistakable smell!

Our booth at the fair “played easy”!

How to attract new customers if not taking them the throat?When we participate in these great events we never forget what we like most, that is, baking pizzas for you!

This is why we always carry a small electric oven with us which gives us the opportunity to present our frozen pizza in the most appetizing version possible, that is, cooked to perfection! The unmistakable scent that emanates during cooking is an excellent invitation to attract new customers to our stand. It is not enough to talk about a product, you have to give the opportunity to taste it, in order to showcase it and to make the difference among those who try to imitate Italian specialties with low quality products.

Our pizza speaks for itself, with a simple bite it manages to make itself known without even squashing a single word. The quality of Made in Italy, of taste and traditional flavors is all there, in that bite.

A journey to introduce frozen pizza and pinsa

In our stand we give the opportunity not only to taste pizza, but also pinsa, another typical product of our territory. With its oval shape and the flavor of the Roman tradition it attracts an audience curious to taste new products. Through this stand we communicate with people who come from different traditions and cultures.

Communication with new and different realities is fundamental for us because in this way, we are able to broaden our knowledge and transform the information received into new products to satisfy the tastes of an ever wider audience. Quality in the world, Made in Italy.

Svila exports this “Italian know-how” all over the world and with our travel and with a stand always ready and active to bake out pizzas and pinse for everyone, we allow anyone who has the opportunity to taste them, to understand how they really are.

Italian quality products

In fact, at Svila we have always selected only the highest quality raw materials for our pizzas. And so, in perfect Italian style, a line of people of all nationalities always forms in front of our stand.

On the other hand, we know that more than the reports, the analytical data, the thing that convinces the most … is the scent of freshly baked pizza.

Il pesto della Svila

Basil, it’s love at first sight

At Svila we produce frozen pizzas more than three hundred days a year.

If you happen to visit our factories on the days of the week dedicated to white pizzas, you will be welcomed by the most unequivocal Italian smell. You would have no doubt and would think “someone made the pesto here”.

You got it right, well done!

Svila pesto for frozen pizzas

We don’t buy pesto ready-made, we make pesto with our hands in our kitchens.

Our Research and Development department has developed customized recipes for our customers by testing combinations and flavors, verifying consistencies and carefully analyzing different raw materials.

Of course, it takes a few thousand basil leaves, we certainly can’t manage it, with a couple of plants taken from the jar on the balcony.

You will never forget the smell of basil, when you meet it! And the fresher it is, the more it smells good.

Pizza surgelata con mozzarella Svila

Our white Queen: Mozzarella

We know that our “friend” mozzarella is also called like this because the names comes from the ancient gesture of “mozzare” the curd with the hands.

It was one of the excellences of our South, and for a good chunk of the history of Italy it was relegated to the role of local cheese.

On the other hand, today as then, it should be eaten very fresh, and since it could not be transported very far, it ended up being little known.

Mozzarella: protagonist on Svila frozen pizzas

The first historical testimonies want it on the table of the Pope himself in 1570, with its original name, “mozza”.

It must have been particularly good, because over time it has become the great protagonist of endless recipes of our traditional gastronomy.

Eggplant Parmigiana, Pizza and Calzoni, Caprese, Mozzarella in Carrozza, Lasagna, Timballi, Panzerotti, are just some recipes that have white mozzarella as a fundamental ingredient.

Pizza alla pala con mozzarella Svila

Here at Svila we know we must aim for quality because when the mozzarella is good, the pizza is superb.

The Pinsa Margherita Sfiziosa and the Special Margherita

To make things even better we have added a special preparation: the Pinsa Margherita Sfiziosa, is made, in fact with the addition of stracciatella di burrata another all-Italian delicatessen.

Since we cannot forget our lactose intolerant friends, for them there is a Special Margherita, with whole wheat flour and only 0.1% lactose.  In short, you know. We at Svila like to do things right.

Combining real quality ingredients from the Italian tradition makes our product so good.
Svila pizza alla pala in fair
Barbara Paganelli

Because the only way to understand if a pizza is good is to make sure everyone licks their fingers after eating it.  Trying is believing! 

Pizza surgelata italiana senza lattosio Svila

Functional Food with Pizza & Salute

Here at Svila we produce quality Pizzas trying to satisfy even the most demanding palates. In recent years the Frozen Pizzas market has been growing rapidly and consumers have become increasingly demanding.

Frozen pizza in Italian homes

Frozen pizza is almost always present in Italian homes and is no longer considered a cheap and low quality product, but an interesting alternative and a tasty solution for many family occasions.

For this reason we also wanted to develop innovative products and meet specific food needs.

This is why we have decided to create a range of specific products that always put the quality of the ingredients used and the taste first.

The Pizza & Salute line of frozen pizzas

“Pizza & Salute” is our line dedicated to functional food. The needs of our customers vary according to their tastes but also according to certain food choices that are sometimes dictated by intolerances or allergies.

Functional Food for everyone

The line includes a whole wheat dough pizza, rich in fiber and highly digestible.
A pizza with vegetable-based and dairy-free topping to suit those who have chosen a vegan diet.

A pizza with a very low lactose content, only 0.1% and a gluten-free pizza.

We also produce two types of BIO pizzas with Margherita and Margherita topping with grilled vegetables.

All these doughs are made with 100% Italian flour and 100% Italian tomatoes and are the results of years of research and development.

For the future we think it is important to continue to search for particular combinations and combinations that can meet special dietary needs, whether they are dictated by personal choices as in the case of our Halal lines for the foreign market or by specific medical indications.

Svila pizza surgelata, linea Verace del Golfo

Our verace del golfo reminds of the south

Since we always support Italy, especially at the table, when we think of a new product, we always start from the analysis of our territory, our traditions and our eating habits.

The pizzas from the line “Verace del Golfo” are our homage to the Neapolitan culture, to the Campania region and to the genuine raw ingredients that distinguish it.

The dough for frozen pizza

Even if we are not in Naples, we take pizza preparation very seriously.

We only use 100% Italian flour and 100% Italian tomato and let the dough rest for more than 24 hours to obtain a digestible and well-leavened base.

The cooking takes place on stone at a very high temperature and it is important that your oven is always set at the maximum possible temperature even at home when you prepare it.

The dough of our pizzas leavened carefully is then gently rolled out and finished manually in order to reproduce the typical edge of the Neapolitan pizza: the cornicione.

The size, with a diameter of 30 cm, follows that one proposed in the most traditional pizzerias.

The fillings

Even the fillings are inspired by those typical from the tradition.

They pay homage to the most beautiful places with their names and include historical ingredients of the region such as tomatoes, broccoli, provolone, basil and of course the inevitable extra virgin olive oil.

How to prepare frozen pizza Svila

It to better way to prepare our pizzas is to just turn on the oven at 220 ° C, remove the product from the package and let it defrost at room temperature for about 20 minutes.

Once the oven has reached the temperature, we recommend cooking for 10 minutes.

With a drizzle of raw extra virgin olive oil before serving it, the pizza will be perfect.

Campo di grano

100% Italian wheat

The real wheat, the one that can be touched, the one that carries with it scents, memories, and sensations that bind us to true nature, is able to perform magic and we at Svila know it well.

The Bel Paese is covered with yellow colored countries, the infinite fiels that change color and become golden and golden are one of the symbols of Italian summer travels, deeply printed in the memory of each of us.

Wheat has always been one of the most important forms of nutrition for man, differentiating itself into durum wheat and soft wheat based on the uses made of it.

Wheat was among the first plants to be cultivated.

The center was identified by archaeologists in the valley of the fertile crescent of the Tigris and Euphrates but soon the cultivation of wheat also reached ancient Rome and ensuring the city a regular supply of grain became the cornerstone of the Roman Empire’s policy.

The Italian flour for the production of frozen pizzas

Wheat flours are used every day not only for the production of pizza or for bread making.

In fact, in Italy sweet and savory products are baked daily to fill our tables and there are so many excellent dishes to taste.

In Italy we produce around eight million tons of wheat every year and this enormous quantity is not sufficient to satisfy the needs of our country.

The best grains for our frozen pizza

Using local products for us is a choice of quality, of enhancing the environment and represents the commitment and attention we put into our work.

For this reason we have decided to produce our pizzas using only 100% Italian wheat.

This choice also translates into an ecological direction every day because it allows us to contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. It took us a while to take this step only because we wanted to select the best grains, the ones that would guarantee the quality of our products. In the middle of the Italian fields and valleys,there is the best wheat that ripens. It is the one that makes our pizzas unique.We use this wheat not just only for some lines, not just for the top-of-the-range products, but for ALL our pizzas, none excluded.