Campo di grano

100% Italian wheat

The real wheat, the one that can be touched, the one that carries with it scents, memories, and sensations that bind us to true nature, is able to perform magic and we at Svila know it well.

The Bel Paese is covered with yellow colored countries, the infinite fiels that change color and become golden and golden are one of the symbols of Italian summer travels, deeply printed in the memory of each of us.

Wheat has always been one of the most important forms of nutrition for man, differentiating itself into durum wheat and soft wheat based on the uses made of it.

Wheat was among the first plants to be cultivated.

The center was identified by archaeologists in the valley of the fertile crescent of the Tigris and Euphrates but soon the cultivation of wheat also reached ancient Rome and ensuring the city a regular supply of grain became the cornerstone of the Roman Empire’s policy.

The Italian flour for the production of frozen pizzas

Wheat flours are used every day not only for the production of pizza or for bread making.

In fact, in Italy sweet and savory products are baked daily to fill our tables and there are so many excellent dishes to taste.

In Italy we produce around eight million tons of wheat every year and this enormous quantity is not sufficient to satisfy the needs of our country.

The best grains for our frozen pizza

Using local products for us is a choice of quality, of enhancing the environment and represents the commitment and attention we put into our work.

For this reason we have decided to produce our pizzas using only 100% Italian wheat.

This choice also translates into an ecological direction every day because it allows us to contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. It took us a while to take this step only because we wanted to select the best grains, the ones that would guarantee the quality of our products. In the middle of the Italian fields and valleys,there is the best wheat that ripens. It is the one that makes our pizzas unique.We use this wheat not just only for some lines, not just for the top-of-the-range products, but for ALL our pizzas, none excluded.