Pizza alla pala with Svila mozzarella

The frozen pizza that doesn’t know it’s actually frozen!

Let’s face it, we are Italians. And when it comes to pizza we are very demanding. That’s why Svila pizza is Frozen pizza that doesn’t know it’s actually frozen.

We are about to reveal a secret: frozen is synonymous with fresh!

And if it may seem like a paradox to you, you should know that it is not a paradox at all. Let me explain why I’m telling you so. Science and biotechnologies today allow us to say that frozen food is really synonymous with high quality, and we would like to tell you why this is so true.

Freezing Svila pizzas

First of all, by now we all know that with freezing food reaches a temperature of -18° in a few minutes. The perfect time for none of the organoleptic properties of the ingredients to be altered. Translated in common words, it means that the frozen aubergine will keep the flavor, texture and aroma of the fresh one. Ditto for tomatos, speck, bacon or zucchinis.

So forget the watered-down or spongy vegetables of your worst pizza nightmares!

Then, we know that the freezing process takes place when the pizza is at its most fragrant moment. Imagine the scene: the pizza has just come out from the oven where it was baked on stone. It is still very hot, and is releasing all its scents. The mozzarella (which is real mozzarella) has melted and is  carefully mixed with all the other ingredients.

The base of the pizza, the one that rested on the stone, has become crunchy and has a slightly amber color. The inside, on the other hand, is soft and light. Thanks to the two leavening process, the dough has reached perfection. Immediately afterwards, the pizzas enter the blast chiller for freezing for 30 minutes and inside it, it is as if time stops.

And this is why when you put it in the oven back at your home, you will feel like you have just made it with the recipe handed down from your grandmother!

The tricks for preparing a good frozen pizza at home

Now, here are just a couple of tricks for you to make Svila pizza even better:

  • take it out of the freezer 20 minutes before putting it in the oven.
  • Let’s give it a few minutes to get ready for cooking.
  • Cook it on the oven grill. Directly. Not in the pan.

Let it get airy. The result, we are sure, will reward you in terms of crunchiness!