Fair in Cologne with Svila pizza

Oops we did it again

An international food fair, a unique moment to bring pizza to the world!

The fair is the right event to make show the world what we produce. At Svila we have passionate about our work, we do it with commitment, passion and a great desire to always improve. And the love for what we produce pushes us further.

It is not enough for us to stay still in our corner of paradise, we love to share with the whole world a fine Made In Italy, product such as pizza. And we do this by participating to large events, such as international food fairs.

Let’s go to the fair, let’s take italian pizza beyond the Italian border!

After a period of forced absence, finally we start again, we do it in every sense, moving from the place of our production, Visso, to bring our product of excellence, pizza, directly to new places.

This time we landed in Germany, precisely in Cologne!

Food Fairs are important showcases to present a product, to advertise it, to attract new audiences and above all to understand where the wind of our customers’ tastes blows.

This Cologne fair is an amazing opportunity to bring the Italian agri-food sector into contact with different realities. The Italian agri-food sector is a real heritage, a set of culture, traditions and professionalism loved all over the world.

We at Svila never miss the opportunity to enhance it. And for this reason, among the hundreds of stands present at this fair, there was also ours!

Frozen pizza and its unmistakable smell!

Our booth at the fair “played easy”!

How to attract new customers if not taking them the throat?When we participate in these great events we never forget what we like most, that is, baking pizzas for you!

This is why we always carry a small electric oven with us which gives us the opportunity to present our frozen pizza in the most appetizing version possible, that is, cooked to perfection! The unmistakable scent that emanates during cooking is an excellent invitation to attract new customers to our stand. It is not enough to talk about a product, you have to give the opportunity to taste it, in order to showcase it and to make the difference among those who try to imitate Italian specialties with low quality products.

Our pizza speaks for itself, with a simple bite it manages to make itself known without even squashing a single word. The quality of Made in Italy, of taste and traditional flavors is all there, in that bite.

A journey to introduce frozen pizza and pinsa

In our stand we give the opportunity not only to taste pizza, but also pinsa, another typical product of our territory. With its oval shape and the flavor of the Roman tradition it attracts an audience curious to taste new products. Through this stand we communicate with people who come from different traditions and cultures.

Communication with new and different realities is fundamental for us because in this way, we are able to broaden our knowledge and transform the information received into new products to satisfy the tastes of an ever wider audience. Quality in the world, Made in Italy.

Svila exports this “Italian know-how” all over the world and with our travel and with a stand always ready and active to bake out pizzas and pinse for everyone, we allow anyone who has the opportunity to taste them, to understand how they really are.

Italian quality products

In fact, at Svila we have always selected only the highest quality raw materials for our pizzas. And so, in perfect Italian style, a line of people of all nationalities always forms in front of our stand.

On the other hand, we know that more than the reports, the analytical data, the thing that convinces the most … is the scent of freshly baked pizza.