Pizza surgelata italiana senza lattosio Svila

Functional Food with Pizza & Salute

Here at Svila we produce quality Pizzas trying to satisfy even the most demanding palates. In recent years the Frozen Pizzas market has been growing rapidly and consumers have become increasingly demanding.

Frozen pizza in Italian homes

Frozen pizza is almost always present in Italian homes and is no longer considered a cheap and low quality product, but an interesting alternative and a tasty solution for many family occasions.

For this reason we also wanted to develop innovative products and meet specific food needs.

This is why we have decided to create a range of specific products that always put the quality of the ingredients used and the taste first.

The Pizza & Salute line of frozen pizzas

“Pizza & Salute” is our line dedicated to functional food. The needs of our customers vary according to their tastes but also according to certain food choices that are sometimes dictated by intolerances or allergies.

Functional Food for everyone

The line includes a whole wheat dough pizza, rich in fiber and highly digestible.
A pizza with vegetable-based and dairy-free topping to suit those who have chosen a vegan diet.

A pizza with a very low lactose content, only 0.1% and a gluten-free pizza.

We also produce two types of BIO pizzas with Margherita and Margherita topping with grilled vegetables.

All these doughs are made with 100% Italian flour and 100% Italian tomatoes and are the results of years of research and development.

For the future we think it is important to continue to search for particular combinations and combinations that can meet special dietary needs, whether they are dictated by personal choices as in the case of our Halal lines for the foreign market or by specific medical indications.