On this page we have decided to offer you a complete overview our products.

We produce daily, thousands of pizzas for the Italian supermarkets, hypermarkets and discount stores.


We believe that the pizza that cannot be missing in your freezer is certainly ours Pizza alla Pala.

When we invented this new product in 2012 we wanted to think of something different.

It had to be innovative and in fact the Pizza alla Pala is a small revolution among frozen pizzas.

Pizza alla Pala is versatile in its format.

In fact it takes up little space  in the owev and it is possible to cook three at the same time on a single oven grill.

It is ideal for an aperitif  because in just a few minutes you can obtain little pieces of different tastes to serve at the table and share with family and friends.

PALA XL is also an version for hunger party of people.

The Pizza alla Pala is available in many flavors able to satisfy all palates while the Pizza XL is available in the flavors DAISY, SPICY SALAMINO, HAM AND MUSHROOMS and SAUSAGE AND POTATOES.


Pizza alla Pala is also available in four additional receipes with the line FORNO di VISSO :

Verace del Golfo

Our VERACE DEL GOLFO  instead, will conquer you for the Neapolitan Style dough and the thin base. As a plus it recreates the classic Neapolitan pizza border . The “cornicione”.

Mamma Mia

You should also try our delicius  MAMA MIA line, available in the most classic variation. Tastes from the Italian Tradition.


Le Paffute

In the Mamma Mia line, you can also find the “PAFFUTE”. These are tasty focaccie filled with delicus ingredients.


and you won’t miss the SNACKs: CALZONI and PIZZETTE

Pizza Vissana

If you prefer a gourmet pizza with special filllings and incredible matches, you would love our Pizza Vissana line.

Pizza Vissana has a thin and crunchy base.

Pizza & Salute

Among the latest arrivals, we present also the healty line Pizza&Salute  decidated to the functional food. The objective of this pizza line is to adapt to the customers needs.

And this is the reasons why we developed lactose free pizzas, whole grain or a vegan pizzas.

If you want to know more,you can take a look to our CATALOGS .

There you can find all the informations regarding the ingredients, the cooking indications and the dimensions and format of all our products.