I LOVE Pizza alla Pala

We are the Pala!

It is from our experience of over 40 years that a revolutionary concept of pizza is born. We were the first in Italy and in the world to introduce an innovative concept in the pizza industry out of the traditional patterns of round pizza and we gave life to Pizza alla Pala inspired by the pizza by the meter that every day is prepared fresh in roman pizzerie and bakeries.

The incredible commercial success achieved with this product confirms our intuition, when we decided to create original, tasty and intriguing pizzas in an innovative format developed to be easily prepared and shared with family and friends.

The main innovation of the Pizza alla Pala is in fact, its elongated format that allows the simultaneous cooking of three variations on the same oven grill. In this way, a simple dinner or a classic appetizer turns into a tasty and alternative moment of tasting.

The varieties of fillings is wide, appetizing and meets even the most demanding palates. We propose  the classic “Margherita” or tasty the “4 Formaggi”, then we developed more particular fillings such as the one with “Arugola Pesto and Grilled Vegetables” in balsamic vinegar, the “Speck Radicchio and Provola Cheese” and the “Tartufo”.

The dough rises for 24 hours, it is spread  and then it is carefully adjusted by hand. The base is soft, the edge is crisp and crumbly. Rich and tasty fillings, made with quality raw materials and extra virgin olive oil.

Our recipes have found a growing and continuous appreciation of consumers.

Our Research and Development is always at work to create new variations and tasty combinations that will soon peek into the market.