Our Products

On this page we thought we would offer you a complete overview of all the products we produce daily for  the Italian supermarkets  and discount stores.

Most of all we believe that the pizza that could not miss in your houses is the PIZZA ALLA PALA.

When we invented this product in 2012, we tought to something missing in the frozen pizzas panorama, something new and innovative. And it’s for this reason that Pizza alla Pala is itself a small revolution.

It is versatile in its format, it needs just a little space in the owen and you can cooks three pizzas at the same time on just one oven grill. It’s ideal for an apppetizer or to be shared with family and friends.

It is also available our PALA XL, a double size  version of the classic one. You can choose between the classic MARGHERITA or the SALAMINO PICCANTE, PROSCIUTTO and FUNGHI or SALSICCIA E PATATE.

Pizza alla Pala is available also in 4 different recipes with the FORNO di VISSO brand :

Our VERACE DEL GOLFO  is going to conquer you as well with its Napoli style base and the fluffy and well risen border

You can also try the delicious pizzas of the MAMA MIA line available in the classic Italian flavors with a thin and crunchy base

The tasy  “PAFFUTE” are part of the same line!

such as the tasty SNACK: CALZONE e PIZZETTE

If you prefer a gourmet pizza with refined ingredients to brighten up your special evenings, choose our exclusive PIZZA VISSANA with a thin and crunchy base

Among the novelties, we also present the healthy line Pizza & Salute dedicated to functional food that adapts to all the needs of our consumers

Inside our CATALOGUES  you’ll  find all the information on ingredients, preparation and packaging. Enjoy your meal!