Since 1974, we make our pizzas in the traditional way: flour, spring water, extravirgin olive oil and a lot of passion.
To create our special dough, we only use water from the Sibillini Mountains Natural Park, located between Umbria and Marche with peaks over 2000 mt. We add only wheat flour,  yeast, salt and olive oil to the water.
The dough is cured by experts “bigaioli” that let it rise for at least 24 hours.


It is then broken into “balls” that rest for a second time in a rising cell for about an hour, reproducing the artisan work of the pizza maker.

Each ball is then rolled out and finished by hand.

The right time and cooking methods, in direct contact with the stone, give our pizzas a balanced browning, a distinct fragrance, an extraordinary lightness and an unmistakable taste.

The filling of the base with ingredients of first choice, scrupulous quality control and immediate freezing, allow to maintain these characteristics unaltered.