in pizza we "crust"

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Our Products

On this page we have decided to offer you a complete overview our products. We produce daily, thousands of pizzas for the Italian supermarkets, hypermarkets…

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Svila Pizzas in the Italian Supermarket

Our pizzas are available in the most Italian Supermarkets and Hypermarkets. So we have created the complete list of our dealers: Coop e IperCoop –…

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100% Italian Flour

The real wheat, the one that can be touched, the one that carries with it scents, memories, and sensations that bind us to true nature,…

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Basil. Love at firt sight.

If it happen to visit our factory on the days of the week in which we produce white pizzas, you will be welcomed by the…

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The White Queen

  The name “mozzarella” comes from the name of  the ancient gesture of “cutting” the curd with the hands. The name “mozzarella”  in fact, comes…

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Our new Pinsa Romana

It is with extreme pleasure that we present you our new Pinsa Romana, an ambitius project developed with effort that gives a nod to the…

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Functional Eating with “Pizza & Salute”

“Pizza & Salute” is our line dedicated to functional food. The needs of our customers vary according to their tastes but also based on certain…

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Taste of the South with Pizza Verace del Golfo

The pizzas of the “Verace del Golfo” line are our tribute to the Neapolitan culture, to the Campania region and to the genuine raw materials…

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I love Pizza alla Pala

We are the Pala! From our experience, of over 40 years we managed to create a revolutionary concept of pizza. We were the first in…

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