If it happen to visit our factory on the days of the week in which we produce white pizzas, you will be welcomed by the most unmistakable and Italian of perfumes.
You would have no doubt, here someone has made pesto.

You got it right, we said made. We don’t buy pesto out, we make pesto with our hands.

Of course, it takes a few thousand basil leaves, we can’t cope with a couple of seedlings taken from the balcony pot.
The smell of basil is so special, when you meet it, you never forget it.
And the fresher it is, the more it smells good.
We make Svila’s pesto according to the Ligurian recipe, with lots of basil, olive oil, garlic, and cheese. Because our pizzas travel the world, and we want everyone to know how well we cook in Italy.
If, on the other hand, you are an expert and have a gourmet palate, you are ready to taste the best and most fragrant rocket pesto a pizza has ever known.
The rocket pesto is also prepared in our kitchen by Daniele and Susanna where the smallest saucepan has a capacity of 300 kilos.
We do things big because we do them well.